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VONJET Silhouettes creates custom, personalized silhouettes. Each silhouette is individually designed, crafted and treated like the unique piece of art that it is.

Unlike a picture, a silhouette focuses on traits rather than the details. Silhouettes don't just capture a moment, they capture a person. The result is something that is both beautiful and timeless. Our aim is to create silhouette art pieces that are so beautiful and personal that they will be cherished by their owners for generations. 



We treat each silhouette as a commissioned work of art. As such, we artistically interpret each profile and individually draw each detail. The picture you send to us doesn't need to be perfect and using a camera phone is just fine. However, if you follow the tips below, your picture will better and more accurately capture the subtle details of the picture's subject.


  • The Direction Facing option corresponds to the direction the profile is facing when looking at it. The example shown here is facing right. 
  • The profile picture should be taken in a well-lit area with a solid background.
  • The camera should be level (not above or below) the subject’s face. 
  • The subject's face (especially their lips) should be as relaxed as possible. 
  • Make sure the subject is facing straight ahead and that all of their features can be seen. If their head is to the left or right, their features will appear smaller. If they're looking up or down, their jawline won't look correct. A good way to take a profile picture of a wiggly child is to have them watch a show and then take a picture as they are staring at the screen straight in front of them.
  • The subject's hair style is an important consideration when taking the picture. Adding hair bows and clips are a good way to add a unique touch to a silhouette. If you scroll through our Facebook page or Gallery, you'll see a ton of examples of different hair styles and embellishments on silhouettes.  





Do you make an exact copy of the profile picture I submit? 

No. We make silhouettes of people, not pictures. Each image is artistically interpreted and hand drawn as we aim to capture the person. We treat each silhouette as a commissioned work of art. This means we may add or change details in creating your silhouette.


Do you offer custom sizes? 

We will create any size you want. If you need a size that is not a standard option, please just email us what you need to info@vonjetsilhouettes.com and we’ll send you the price.  


Do you make custom silhouettes of things other than faces? 

Yes, we love to be challenged :). There are so many things that make great silhouettes such as couples, animals, a group, a ballerina, a marriage proposal etc. If you’re interested in doing something like this, please email us at info@vonjetsilhouettes.com and we’ll get started on your idea.


What is the "Optional Additional Image" on every product page?

The Optional Additional Image is where you could upload a second picture of one of the profiles. This is often helpful with wiggly children or when a certain hair style is wanted but not in the originally uploaded profile pic. In cases like these we would also need you to explain the purpose of the second image in the order notes.    


What  happens if my order is damaged in shipping?

It's rare but from time to time our shipping companies will damage an order. If this happens to you we will happily replace any item that has been damaged. Please just email us pictures to info@vonjetsilhouettes.com and we'll take care of it right away.


Can I return or cancel my order? 

We want to make sure you are getting what you paid for! So, we are happy to replace any silhouette that has an error, defect or shipping damage. If your silhouette is being replaced due to one of these issues we can make any changes you'd like to make as long as they don't change the value of the silhouette. Because all of our silhouettes are custom-made, one-of-a-kind art pieces, we cannot accept returns based on artistic interpretation or order cancellations once an order is in production. 


What is your turn-around time?

All of our silhouettes are individually designed and hand-made so they require time and attention to get just right. We know that your silhouette will be a part of your life forever, so we take the time to make sure each one is a work of art, no matter how long it takes. Although we have help with all the steps involved in created your silhouettes, every piece is and will always be drawn by the owners and original artists of Vonjet, Dane and Kim. Typically, your silhouettes will ship within approximately four weeks from being ordered. However, due to global supply shortages our turn around has unfortunately extended to up to 12 weeks. The availability of the supplies we need has steadily improved so this timeline will decrease as soon as possible. We are so grateful for your patience during this difficult time. 




Do the silhouettes come ready to display?

Yes! All of our silhouettes come completely ready to be wall-hung. Our small stained and painted silhouettes come ready to be either freestanding or wall-hung.


Can I order part of my family now and others later? 

Definitely! Please just reference your previous order so we can size it accordingly. We size the silhouettes in proportion to each other according to age. So, if one were to order a 12 year old, an 8 year old and a 3 year old, the silhouettes would get slightly smaller based on the age. If someone were to just order a 3 year old, that silhouette would be larger than the 3 year old in the order with three silhouettes because there's no one it needs to be smaller than. If you reference your previous order, we'll make sure your silhouette is sized just right. Also, in 2015 we switched the direction or our wood grain for stained silhouettes from horizontal to vertical. If you would like your silhouette to have horizontal grain rather then vertical please let us know in your order notes. 


Should I get a Stained Silhouette or Painted Silhouette? 

Both are beautiful and make a great choice! If you like the natural look of wood grain and occasional knots then stained is perfect! If you're worried about how the grain will look on your child's face then you should get the stain on the back layer (Paint on Stain) or get a painted silhouette. Our wood silhouettes are beautiful but it's important to know different grains and occasional knots will be there. Also, the detail on eyelashes is limited by the grain of the wood. If we make eyelashes thin and long they become too fragile. 




How do I find out my Bracelet Size? 
Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your wrist, then add approx ¼ inch to 1 inch (½ inch is average) depending on how tight you like your bracelets to fit. That is the size bracelet you would wear.
What should I do to maintain my jewelry? 
Typical jewelry standards apply to Vonjet Jewelry. Avoid swimming and using heavy cleaners. When cleaning use a suede microfiber cloth or the equivalent. If you don't have jewelry cleaning solution you can mix a couple drops of Dawn dish soap in a cup of warm water. If you run into any issues that you're unable to solve please email us and we will always be happy to help. 
Can you help me if I want to add to my jewelry or I damaged it? 
Of course! We're here to help in any way we're able. Just shoot us an email and we can work together to find a solution.