Family Silhouette

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Our Family Silhouettes are a classic, simple and timeless way to capture the entire family together in one piece. 

Even though our Family Silhouettes are created from a picture, they represent more than just a moment in time. They represent the journey, bond and life that a family has created together.  

The example shown here is a Standard Sized Paint on Paint August in Simply White on Gray Shower. 

- Single Layered Silhouettes are 16.5" x 20"

- Two Layered Silhouette (e.g. Paint on Paint like the main example shown) are 20" x 24"

The standard sizes of our Family Silhouette will generally fit 3 to 5 person families easily and up to 8 person families as long as they aren't standing far apart. Because there is so much variation in family size and spacing, the proportions of the silhouette may vary to fit each family. For example, if the image is really wide we may take a couple inches off the height and add them to the width. 

If you'd like to make a silhouette of more people or if they are standing in a way that doesn't look like it would fit, please email us the image so we can make sure it's not too large. If it ends up being too large we can determine a size that would work.



We treat each silhouette as a commissioned work of art. As such, we artistically interpret each profile and individually draw each detail. The picture you send to us doesn't need to be perfect and using a camera phone is just fine. However, if you follow the tips below, your picture will better and more accurately capture the subtle details of the picture's subject.


  • The Direction Facing option corresponds to the direction the profile is facing when looking at it. The example shown here is facing right. 
  • The profile picture should be taken in a well-lit area with a solid background.
  • The camera should be level (not above or below) the subject’s face. 
  • The subject's face (especially their lips) should be as relaxed as possible. 
  • Make sure the subject is facing straight ahead and that all of their features can be seen. If their head is to the left or right, their features will appear smaller. If they're looking up or down, their jawline won't look correct. A good way to take a profile picture of a wiggly child is to have them watch a show and then take a picture as they are staring at the screen straight in front of them.
  • The subject's hair style is an important consideration when taking the picture. Adding hair bows and clips are a good way to add a unique touch to a silhouette. If you scroll through our Facebook page or Gallery, you'll see a ton of examples of different hair styles and embellishments on silhouettes.