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We've made our Bangle Bracelets super customizable. You can get them with any number of charms, initial bars and birthstones to create whatever look you'd like. The Bangle itself is designed to allow the wrapped ends to slide freely along the wire so that you can expand or shrink the bracelet from an inside diameter of 2.5" to 3". This makes them easy to put on and fit different wrist sizes. 

The example shown is in Sterling Silver with Medium Titanium Cut Charms. 

The second example is in Sterling Silver with a Small Cut Charm, Sodalite Birthstone and Initial Bar. 

One of the pillars of Vonjet Silhouettes is the timeless nature or our work. Our silhouettes aren’t just beautiful, they’re meant to be cherished and loved for generations. To achieve that standard with our jewelry we researched, developed and implemented industry leading processes and materials to maximize the beauty and longevity of our work.


Our chief concern in developing our Cut Charms was longevity. The tiny, precious details around the outer edge of the charm needed to be as wear resistant as possible. Titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals that can be formed into jewelry. At three times the strength of steel, titanium jewelry can withstand almost any adverse conditions. It’s incredibly dent and scratch resistant and does not lose its shine. Titanium does not corrode, tarnish or change color from wear or time.


Sterling silver is the brightest and most brilliant of all the precious metals. Pieces made from Sterling Silver are strikingly beautiful and very durable. Sterling Silver is second only to Titanium in wear and scratch resistance. Tarnish and typical wear and scratches can be easily removed with the polishing cloth included in your order.


Another challenge we faced in developing our jewelry was to create a durable, beautiful and long-lasting gold and rose gold option that didn’t carry the cost burden of solid gold. Custom gold charms are typically cut from gold filled sheets. When cut, the inner core metal is exposed, leaving the piece susceptible to wear, tarnish and corrosion. We were able to solve this issue by creating an in-house gold plating lab which allow us to give all of our customized pieces a heavy layer of 18k gold after they are cut and engraved. In addition, each piece is sealed and finished with a nano ceramic e-coating that protects the piece against wear and tarnish while maintaining the look and feel metal. Tarnish and typical wear and scratches can be easily removed with the polishing cloth included in your order.


Our Solid Gold pieces and chains are made from 14k yellow gold. The oldest piece of gold jewelry currently discovered dates back to 4,500 BC. So when it comes to heirloom quality, solid gold should do the trick! Gold carries intrinsic value,  it’s naturally beautiful and won’t tarnish or corrode. Typical wear and scratches can be easily removed with the polishing cloth included in your order.


Rhodium is a bright white, durable and tarnish resistant precious metal. Our Rhodium Bangles are plated in rhodium and have a brass core. 


We treat each silhouette as a commissioned work of art. As such, we artistically interpret each profile and individually draw each detail. The picture you send to us doesn't need to be perfect and using a camera phone is just fine. However, if you follow the tips below, your picture will better and more accurately capture the subtle details of the picture's subject.


  • The Direction Facing option corresponds to the direction the profile is facing when looking at it. The example shown here is facing right. 
  • The profile picture should be taken in a well-lit area with a solid background.
  • The camera should be level (not above or below) the subject’s face. 
  • The subject's face (especially their lips) should be as relaxed as possible. 
  • Make sure the subject is facing straight ahead and that all of their features can be seen. If their head is to the left or right, their features will appear smaller. If they're looking up or down, their jawline won't look correct. A good way to take a profile picture of a wiggly child is to have them watch a show and then take a picture as they are staring at the screen straight in front of them.
  • The subject's hair style is an important consideration when taking the picture. Adding hair bows and clips are a good way to add a unique touch to a silhouette. If you scroll through our Facebook page or Gallery, you'll see a ton of examples of different hair styles and embellishments on silhouettes.